THE INSPIRATION BEHIND TRAILRAIL COMES FROM TWO OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS who grew tired of having to constantly replace, modify or reinforce high priced plastic mountain bike components that simply did not deliver in the outdoors. They desired a tactical grade product that would not break and could be used interchangeably with all the cool gear they wanted to put on their bikes. Thus the “RAIL” system was adapted from military use to be placed on civilian bikes yielding endless mounting options. TrailRail mounts are machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum billet. In other words, it’s nearly indestructible.

BoyBurnsBarn was brought in from the beginning and tasked with developing the brand essence of TrailRail so that their story would resonate with like-minded customers. Developing everything from the logo and packaging to the brand message, we were able to a craft a unique experience that carves out its own special niche in the mountain bike gear / outdoor adventure sports market. With an honest brand story in place we designed a bold clear logo to go with it. The component box is set in TrailRail’s signature green. A colored label system was developed for the various products being offered. Each label is silk screened with “postage stamp” hole punches giving them an extra tactile feel. Each box delivers a full brand narrative and experience from door step arrival all the way through to the instructions. The passion that inspired TrailRail’s invention is evident from beginning to end. We loved being able to preserve that passion and honor the value of the product being delivered.

Services Performed: Illustration, Brand Identity, Packaging