SOUTHERN PREP AND BRITISH CHARM MEETS BACK ALLEY SPEAKEASY AT THE PAINTED PIN, an upscale boutique bowling alley in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. More than just a bowling alley it is more accurately described as an entertainment venue. Located in a converted industrial warehouse space it features customized indoor bocce courts, oversized basketball pop–a–shot, shuffleboard, ping pong, Southern skittles and more. In addition to great games comes great fare and an outstanding classic cocktail and wine list. As far as upscale boutique bowling alleys go this one delivers on multiple levels. It was in fact recently voted best new boutique bowling alley in the world by Bowlers Journal International. Best in the WORLD! An all around amazing experience with a clear vision towards having a great time. Having been a lover of bowling for a very long time now The Painted Pin is a dream project for BoyBurnsBarn. This is the place to see and be scene and if crowd satisfaction is any indication it will be that way for a long time to come.

Services Performed: Website, Brand Identity, Restaurant, Copywriting, Signage