TAP IS ATLANTA’S FIRST GASTROPUB. While it serves seasonally driven, innovative comfort food, it is named for the restaurant’s extensive draft beer and barrel wine selection which rests in a glass chamber floating above the bar.

The collateral designed for the restaurant encapsulates the environment of a great community pub by being conversation pieces unto themselves. The menu, for example, serves as a tour guide more than a menu and it is something you might want to keep around since it contains a Beer Flavor Wheel on the back. Coasters offer remedial trivia that could keep a lull in conversation from happening or can help solve a bar bet. Each element engages the patrons and creates a bond between establishment and customer. From the creation of the logo to the small nuances that exist inside and out, this carefully crafted brand has made a strong impact on Peachtree Street.

Services Performed: Website, Restaurant, Signage, Brand Identity