BASED IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA, POSTINO IS RUN BY SOME OF THE MOST FUN, PASSIONATE PEOPLE YOU WILL EVER MEET. Which means that Postino itself is like no other wine bar you will ever visit. And, somehow each of the seven locations are unique unto themselves while still being on brand! Mindblowing...

Yet, even with a will curated experiences and a cult following they felt like it was time to do a brand audit and revisit their website. Enter BBB. What we discovered was a brand that was very serious about its food and wine but equally serious about its pop-culture inspirations of punk rock, 90’s era skateboard culture, street murals, art installations, surf culture and generally all things rad, weird and space invaders. How do we push it all together?

A good cornerstone allows all things to be possible. We didn't redesign the logo,rather we infused it with some of that raw energy by creating an icon paring to represent what makes each location special. We art directed a video that puts people front and center and generally invited everyone and everything else that knows how to party to come along. The final results was a booster shot to the branding and a website that tells a good story, show the menu both in text and visual form and invites you to come hang, party, eat, drink, dressed up, or dressed down. You're invited. Here's some of that!

Services Performed: Copywriting, Restaurant, Brand Identity, Website, Art Direction