LOCATED IN NORTHAMPTON, MA AND FOUNDED IN 1979, PINCH GOODS IN A ECLECTIC GIFT SHOP LIKE NO OTHER. After operating for many years quite successfully, the current owner Jena Sujat was ready for an updated brand experience. The key to Jena’s success is her long history of support and showcasing both well-known and emerging American artisans and curating their wares into her store for customer’s looking for unique one of a kind gifts.

The branding itself was meant to exude charm, and professionalism with a dash of industrial tactile-ness. How we applied the branding to the packages was very important to the gift giving experience. The bags and boxes are an expression of the store when it goes out into the world. Therefore it was important that we made a statement with each of these pieces through color, layering and hand packaged warmth. Bringing in letterpresses labeling, and silk-screened bags provided by the quality obsessed Mama’s Sauce along with some simple string and we have a brand that puts a smile on people’s faces whether they’re the gift giver or the receiver.

Services Performed: Packaging, Brand Identity