CHICAGO’S HISTORIC NAVY PIER is an iconic piece of Chicago’s historical water front. It played a significant role in Chicago’s existence through World Fairs and World Wars and is now a communal destination housing numerous dining and cultural experiences. At the very end and on the top of that pier is OFFSHORE. A rooftop bar and restaurant that is both enormous in its indoor and outdoor space but also in its views of Lake Michigan and the skyline of Chicago. By enormous we mean The Guiness Book of World Records recognizes it as the world's largest roof top bar.

Some branding projects come to the table already full of concept, design and significance. Offshore is one of those projects. The key here is knowing when and where to let those identity elements shine and when they should play a supportive role. For the logo we placed name at the end of our pier icon. This visually shows a viewer where the restaurant is on the pier while also allowing us to create an extremely horizontal brand mark that demonstrates that can demonstrate the size of the pier. This allowed for some fun signage experimentation while providing a functional, simple logo. The space is stunning. The views more so. This identity puts a strong but simple stamp on this iconic location.

Services Performed: Restaurant, Signage, Brand Identity