AT NYU's TISCH SCHOOL OF THE ARTS, the Tisch Gala is the premiere event that occurs every other year drawing various celebrities and some of the entertainment industries most influential forces. For the first time NYU decided to brand the event since this particular gala was a special one. It marked Mary Schmidt Campbell's 20th anniversary as Dean of the school. Her two decades of transformational leadership was to be honored in this very special event.

After conducting interviews with faculty, alumni and the dean herself we arrived at the theme title "Ordinary Miraculous" derived from a poem she recites to the incoming freshman each year. The kaleidoscope-logo icon builds on this notion of how an ordinary shape when reflected many times can transform into something amazing. An ordinary to miraculous transformation visualized. This collaboration of shapes and colors serves as a visual reflection of the cooperative nature between students and the school's disciplines. An idea the Dean has worked hard to cultivate.

Services Performed: Art Direction, Copywriting, Naming, Brand Identity