THERE MAY BE SOME BIAS HERE, BUT BASKETBALL IS THE GREATEST SPORT. More than that though is how the modern athlete has become more than just someone good at a sport. Today's professional athletes exhibit a wide range of interests, talents, are a part of various business ventures and social causes.

Mason Plumlee is no exception. After being a huge star for Duke University and now a forward on the Denver Nuggets his interests cover a broad spectrum from tech start-ups, art collecting, health foods not to mention youth development and fitness.

To build on this and his personality we crafted for him an "anti-logo". A mark that can adapt to his mood, what's he's thinking or feeling, the time of year, the type of game he just had. Its a mark that carries his initials but also his feelings. A brand that is also a person does not need to feel corporate, nor should it. If people are brands and vice versa we should let our emotions come through. Here's our approach at doing that.

Services Performed: Brand Identity, Art Direction, Website