THERE'S NOT MUCH MORE WE CAN SAY ABOUT HAMILTON THAT HASN'T ALREADY BEEN SAID. One of the greatest shows you’ll ever see / greatest night of your life / game changer / life changer… Yes, to all those things.

Through our continued collaboration with Creative Goods, we developed the concept and design of the souvenir book sold at the theater. The challenge of this book was how to compress a performance where the musical hip-hop influence are so important when juxtaposed with the visuals and the motion of what you're seeing on stage into a two dimensional book. We chose to embrace density of the written words of Lin Manuel and push them front and center so they have just as much visual appeal as the images. The layout of the book features both word and photo equally. This gives readers the chance to go back and really take in the depth of the flow, rhyme and detail of what is being spoken on stage. We used vellum overlays as a device to show the words floating over the images. This not only provides an engaging conceptual metaphor it adds an element of interactivity to the book in an attempt to do this great show justice.

Services Performed: Editorial Design, Brand Identity