A FIRE WAS ALMOST THE END FOR THIS TOWN'S FAVORITE TAVERN but thankfully Billie's Saloon in Port Jefferson, NY was bought back to life by its original owner. Part of fixing the damage from the fire and refurbishing the restaurant was to rebrand it from being a bit of a dive bar to something a bit more high-end with a touch of grit-charm.

Our inspiration was to craft a brand around the sort of place you'd hope to stumble into by chance in a small town in Ireland prompting you to cancel your train reservation and stay a day longer. A customized typeface based on hand painted tavern signs seen throughout the UK along with nods to old stain glass windows and simple to the point menus cut to the vibe we wanted. We commissioned the excellent sign painting skills of Joseph Swec to come all the way form Texas for all of our signage needs which elevated the authenticity we could not have achieved otherwise. Along with some historical references to the origins of Port Jefferson Billie's Saloon is back to remain the main stay on Main.

Services Performed: Restaurant, Signage, Brand Identity