WHEN THE LOCAL BOW-TIE MOVIE THEATER IN ABERDEEN, NEW JERSEY DECIDED TO CLOSE ITS DOORS FOR GOOD, AN UNEXPECTED PLOT TWIST OCCURRED. Purchased and refurbished into a brewery, restaurant, and dining room large enough to convert into a movie theater we have the aptly named Alternate Ending Beer Company. Alt End, as its affectionately known brews beer right on sight while serving high end pizza, gourmet popcorns and other amazing dishes to pair with a huge variety of beer tastings. From the start we knew that movies would always play an important role in the brand story. We almost had too many ideas and the goal was to always make sure quality came first without being overly themed out. In order help funnel our ideas and develop a unique brand story we harnessed the potential of the name and really focused on the “what if” element that makes movie fandom so enticing. What if the bad guy wins? What if they don’t fall in love? What if there was an “Alternate Ending”. From that point on the branding came together, the space came alive with a strong voice, a clean aesthetic and a very engaged fan base who loved seeing their local movie theater get a second chance at a new ending.

Services Performed: Signage, Copywriting, Restaurant, Brand Identity